CRA Bulletin New Undergraduate Research Opportunities Listing Service

The Computing Research Association’s Education Committee (CRA-E) is pleased to provide a new “undergraduate research listing service” for faculty and other researchers to advertise (at no cost) undergraduate research opportunities and for undergraduates to find such opportunities.  The site can be found here:

This site can be used to advertise individual summer positions, research programs, and any other opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research in the computing field. If you have a research opportunity available, please post it here:

This service is a new feature on CRA-E’s Conquer site which provides resources for students interested in computing research and graduate school and for faculty advisers and mentors.

Please share the listing site and Conquer with your colleagues and students. We encourage you to link to it from your department site.

Rosen awarded ALMA Development Project grant from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Paul Rosen along with Bei Wang (University of Utah), Chris Johnson (University of Utah), Jeff Kern (NRAO), and Betsy Mills (NRAO) received a 1-year ALMA Development Project grant from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory for $185k. The grant is titled “Feature Extraction and Visualization of AMLA Data Cubes through Topological Data Analysis”.

The project is a feasibility study for applying forms of data analysis and visualization never before tested by the ALMA community. Through contour tree-based Topological Data Analysis, we seek to improve upon existing data cube analysis and visualization. This will come in the form of improved accuracy and speed in finding features, which are robust to noise, and a better visual description of features once identified. We will build prototype software, which creates visualizations that help in characterizing and analyzing the spectra of complex spectral line sources within a given data cube.

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