Higher Education Research Experiences at ORNL

Become part of HERE at ORNL

  • Experience the thrill of research or technical projects at a cutting edge national laboratory and camaraderie with prestigious scientists, researchers, and engineers
  • Meet and collaborate with the people who are world and international experts in fields that interest you
  • Contribute to the U.S. technical prowess that will enhance living standards and set the nation at the top of a global community
  • Work on solutions to pressing scientific problems

The HERE at ORNL program includes research participation programs for both faculty and students at various academic levels. To learn more, select the academic level that most closely corresponds to your highest level achieved.


More information–http://www.orau.org/ornl/hereatornl/

CRA Bulletin New Undergraduate Research Opportunities Listing Service

The Computing Research Association’s Education Committee (CRA-E) is pleased to provide a new “undergraduate research listing service” for faculty and other researchers to advertise (at no cost) undergraduate research opportunities and for undergraduates to find such opportunities.  The site can be found here:http://conquer.cra.org/research-opportunities.

This site can be used to advertise individual summer positions, research programs, and any other opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research in the computing field. If you have a research opportunity available, please post it here: http://conquer.cra.org/post-a-research-opportunity.

This service is a new feature on CRA-E’s Conquer site which provides resources for students interested in computing research and graduate school and for faculty advisers and mentors.

Please share the listing site and Conquer with your colleagues and students. We encourage you to link to it from your department site.

USF/COE PhD Dissertation Committee Requirements

Our College requires that each PhD Dissertation Committee have:
   (a) 3 faculty from the department (Major Professor and two other faculty)
   (b) 1 member outside the department but within the College
   (c) 1 member outside the College (could be outside USF)
Therefore, a committee will have at least 5 members.

The College also recommends the Dissertation Defense Chair to be a non-committee member and from outside the department. Our department strictly follows this rule just to avoid any CoI.

New Accounts

The account created for you will work on both the file server and the compute/terminal servers. The usernames, passwords, home directories, and project folders are synchronized between both. 


saav.cspaul.com — file server
hermes.cspaul.com — compute/terminal
zoidberg.cspaul.com — 

Change your password

    See instructions below for changing your password on the compute server; OR

Go to https://saav.cspaul.com:5001/webman/3rdparty/DirectoryServer/profile.cgi

Accessing the compute servers

I have multiple machines, but sometimes they go down. Try all, and if none work, contact me.

    ssh username@hermes.cspaul.com
    ssh username@zoidberg.cspaul.com

Change your password:
    $ passwd

Your home directory should be mounted from the file server:
    $ cd ~

Access the project files:
    $ cd /saav/projects/

Access the data files:
    $ cd /saav/data/

Accessing the file server

Access to remote file services require that you be on the USF network. You can do this by working from anywhere on campus or using the USF VPN. If for some reason you can’t use USF VPN, please contact Paul.

VPN into USF:

Connect to file server with Mac:
    Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server
    Server: afp://saav.cspaul.com
    Username: username@saav.cspaul.com

Connect to file server with Windows:
    Server: \\saav.cspaul.com
    Username: username@saav.cspaul.com

Navigate to:
\projects, \home, or \data

Cloud Station Drive

Basically this works like google drive or dropbox, except the data is stored on the file server.

Windows Download

Mac Download